Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Queen Rania of Jordan in New York!

Its not everyday that you can see royalty, well, not for me at least. So, as I was roaming around New York City taking photos of my beloved city, I happened to be at Borders when I noticed secret service wandering the aisles. I wondered who was here, and it was Queen Rania of Jordan. I knew nothing about her, well not until I got home, but like a paparazzi photographer (I am not, but I hunt for a photo like a photojournalist) I went to see who this person was. I was at first shocked by her beauty and her youth (she's turning 40 this year). Anytime I think of royalty, or a queen, I think of someone older. But, this is not what this blog posting is about (you can read more about her on my previous blog posting at -- its about how she reminded me of my trip to Jordan. I thought I would post a few photos from my trip that were most memorable but unfortunately I need to register them before posting them. (and yes, they are that good!).

So you will have to wait for the photos of my journey from Egypt to Jordan (via ferry to Aqaba - where the Queen enjoys to spend time w/ friends and family -- sadly I do not have pictures of the town), Petra (oh, i loved Petra), Petra at Night (a unique experience), The Dead Sea (you really can sit up in the water!), Bethany-Beyond Jordan (where Jesus was said to have been baptized), Amman/Jerash, and of course the fun times at Al Karak Castle (see the posting).

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