Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Having our "KICKS" at Kerak Castle, Jordan (NOT TO BE MISSED)

January 8, 2010

Al Karak Castle (or some people spell it Kerak Castle) was one of my favorite castles that we visited during my Middle East trip. There is a great sense of history here, but the reason why I loved it was because of the numerous passageways down below the ground level that was perfect for exploring and ... of course, for these hilarious photos I took with my brother. I saw him there and absolutely had to take some photos.

I asked him to do some ridiculous poses... He asked, "what should I do" and I responded -- "how about some Kung Fu moves"... he of course didn't see what I was seeing, not yet -- but after a few shots... this is what I got.

Wilson and his Kung Fu Poses ...

The Side stance ... the Death grab ... and the pouncing tiger kick! (my favorite)

and of course, after he laughed at what he saw, it was my turn to do my karate poses!

I do have to admit, the first two had incredible form... and the last -- how HIGH can my jumping jack be! My next calling in life -- karate workout videos! :D

Hope you enjoyed that string of kicks from Kerak Caslte in Jordan! This is what everyone should do in a Crusader Castle built in AD 1140's!

Here is some quick info on the castle:

The castle was once a Crusader stronghold, 1000 meters above sea level and surrounded by the valley and provided great views of the Dead Sea. Construction of the castle began in AD 1140's.

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