Thursday, August 30, 2012

Slurp Sluuurrrrrrrpp Sluurrpp some ramem in Fukuoka

After reading this article in the NYT - Uncovering the Secrets of Fukuoka, I want to revisit Japan and make a trek down south to Fukuoka.  Why? Ramen, yakitori, street food stalls with sake!, laid-back culture, side street shopping areas... what else can you ask for? Well, maybe a massage stall too... But, I do admit, this town is a bit out of the way (waaaay down south -- see map) and I will admit the farthest south I've traveled in Japan is to Kyoto (which I LOVED)... so this may be a difficult trip to make.

Btw, per the article, if anyone has had Ippudo, this is where the ramen secrets are hailed from (at least according to the article).

“For ramen, most people say Fukuoka is the best,” he said. Two of Japan’s most famous ramen chains, Ichiran and Ippudo, hail from the city." -- NYT article.

Fukuoka is put onto my new list that I just created --  "_Places I want to Visit" list!

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