Monday, January 24, 2011

Eating my way through LA ... coming soon!

I figured since I was going to stay in Los Angeles for an extended period of time, I was bound to try the same genre of foods over and over again, so why not create a summary of the places I've been to and tell you which ones I've liked best among the restaurants I've tried. That way, its easier for YOU, as a traveler to best select which places you want to try while here; and easier for me to write about them in a category (or at least I think this would be easier than writing a daily journal - ahem notice the lack of daily journals since I was in LA?).

So my preliminary thinking is that I have enough ammo to cover DIM SUM, HOLE IN THE WALL PLACES, FAVORITE OLDIES BUT GOODIES and maybe just maybe tell you about some places I wished I had visited while there. Since LA is rather large, the areas I will mainly cover is a 30 mile radius from San Gabriel Valley.

I almost feel like this will be an episode of Man vs. Food, but its not -- I think it will be more like Anthony Bourdain, with the hopes of influencing thousands of people to try the foods that I eat. Ah, it would be a dream to be working with Anthony Bourdain ... but that is a lofty goal... so, until then, over the next few days, I will journal my "eating my way through LA " with the first installation centered around DIM SUM ... until then, as Julia Childs would say -- Bon Appetit!

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