Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FOOD ENVY at La Ribaudiere in Jarnac, France

photos resized for web

I think that's all I have to say or show you... I was recently in France for a friend's wedding and the photos you see above are from her rehearsal dinner at La Ribaudiere in Jarnac, France (south of Paris)...

I have to admit, my friends are foodies, so they know what they want. For our menu, the couple tested a lot of different entrees/appetizers the night before and even came up with their own dishes ... so they had the perfect menu (well at least in my opinion)...

This is a sampling of what we had:

- A bite of lobster wrapped in cucumber (compliments of the chef) - a dim sum looking item
- A cantaloupe puree with champagne (cleansed the palette)
- A chestnut soup served with bacon, foie gras and a perfectly boiled egg (DELICIOUS, refer to photo)
- Squab wrapped in bacon with chanterelle mushrooms
- Ice cream covered with a chocolate flambe (amazing... and i may be titling this dish incorrectly (refer to photo)

We had a few other items as well, but wow, just thinking about this dinner is making my mouth water ... not sure how much the dinner cost, but I can safely say it was not cheap.

So if you're ever around Jarnac and celebrating a special occasion, I would highly recommend this restaurant.

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